Exclusive premiere: Asker

Jonas Asker

Hear the first single “Hey You” off the upcoming debut album by promising Stockholm-based songwriter, Jonas Asker.

Imagine knowing you want to go to music class but instead you end up in natural science class because of an administrative mistake during your application. Well, that happened to Jonas at upper secondary school in Fisksätra outside Stockholm, Sweden. It wasn’t until after graduation that he decided to pick up his dream for real. He moved to Paris with a friend and got very inspired by the city.

Some years later with loads of musical experiments in his head he began working on a record, on his own, determined to keep the result of his recordings as close to the original idea as possible. He spent almost a year looking for someone who could produce the record, but his attempts were fruitless and he decided to do (almost) everything by himself. It took him three years.

Knowing this is the essence of a true DIY project the admiration just gets bigger.

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