Viola Dust – The Big Hop


Every once in a while, a song comes out of nowhere that is so fresh, so polished, and so exciting that it makes you think you’ve been missing out on something. “The Big Hop” is one of those songs.

This song sounds like it is the new single from a band that has been honing their sound for years. Viola Dust, however, only formed a few months ago. There is very little to discover about them online – their Facebook page is only about a month old. What is known, is that they are a 5-piece from Newry in Northern Ireland who have played a few dates there, and will be touring Ireland this summer with other UK dates to follow. “The Big Hop” is their debut single, and it speaks for itself. Part indie rock, part synth-pop; it’s a solid track layered with energetic guitars, dark & compelling synthesizers, and a seductive back-beat, fused together with strong vocals delivered with glam-rock swagger.

This is a song that will be equally at home in a dance club or filling an arena. After listening a few times, I am hooked. With a debut this strong, I can’t wait to hear what comes next from these guys. The single is available now on Bandcamp. Watch for news about what’s next for Viola Dust on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, & YouTube.

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