Magic Island – Baby Blu and Q&A


Magic Island invites you into her honest and sensual musical universe. We met with Berlin-based Canadian pop dreamer Magic Island aka Emma Czerny to find out more about her magical islands.

Being a musician coming out of Berlin might not give you as much street-cred as it used to a few years ago, however the city still fosters a number of interesting emerging artists. One of them is Canadian-bred Emma Czerny who operates under the moniker Magic Island. After catching her at one of her first live gigs in Berlin, I decided that keeping this little gem from you would be straight up mean.

Her music style is not far from her countryman Grimes, dreamy lo-fi electronic pop which has a wonderful vulnerability to it. Czerny’s clear voice delivers her straight-forward lyrics in an honest manner and you instantly feel intrigued by the musical universe which is hiding behind her quirkyness. Her debut EP “Intoxicated Sunset” was released last summer and she is currently working on the follow-up EP, from which the mesmerizing single “Baby Blu” was released earlier this year.

We had a little chat to Emma about remote island supplies, the artistic impact of Berlin and magical times ahead.

Magic Island, did you have any magical geographical place in mind when you came up with the name and what would that be?

The name came from a combination of things. I call my bed ‘the island’ so ‘Magic Island’ I thought had a nice sexual innuendo, at least to myself, haha… Then I moved into a new flat in Neukölln and the bar beside my house is called Zauber Insel which translates into Magic Island, so i knew it was meant to be. It’s one of those bars that old men go to drink in at 9am, I like it there.

If you would go to a remote magic island, what are the three things you’d bring and why?

Remote Island, if i could bring 3 things: my stuffed unicorn Nana, a lifetime supply of Jever beer, and obviously I would need another human to come with me because I don’t like being alone. Probably a man so that we can reproduce an entire army of magical creatures.

Would you say that your time in Berlin has changed or affected your musical ambitions at all? How much of your Canadian roots goes into the working process?

Berlin has influenced my musical ambitions by opening my mind to new experiences, the city is so free. Also cheap, so I can afford to live here and survive like a princess and focus only on making music! There is always going to be something special about our Canadian community, it’s a family thing now and we all stick together and help each other out. People are always passing through which is so refreshing but also breaks my heart sometimes, I can’t handle the seasonal changes of intense emotion. I’m very sensitive.

In five years, how do you think you have developed as an artist and what would be the ideal direction for you to take?

Magic Island is still a baby to me, since the first EP released less than a year ago and the new EP is due out May/June, I would say that my sounds are starting to become more confident in character. I always want to improve my production skillZ and would like to collaborate with more people in the future.

Last but not least, what is planned for Magic Island in the near future. Gigs, new songs, travels?

Near future: beginning of May I will tour Poland opening for Soft Metals, then May 15th opening for Sean Nicholas Savage at Privat Club in Berlin, June the new EP will come out (!) and then some festivals in the summer, another Shameless/Limitless show with my friend Mathematique from Montreal in June, Torstraßen festival in August, we’ll see about the rest! Either way, it’s a magical time!

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