Slow Celebration – Q&A and new EP “Worlds”


Two of Denmark’s finest musicians got together after a fun night out and decided to conceive musical love child Slow Celebration. Slow Celebration is moniker of Rangleklods’ Esben Andersson and Reptile Youth’s Mads D. Kristiansen. We managed to get a few facts out of Esben Andersson himself.

Rangleklods has been a staple in my Berlin night life as long as I can remember. If I’m not dancing at one of their countless live shows, at least one of their catchy tunes is playing at the pre party. So the news that Esben Andersson was working on a new collaboration with Reptile Youth’s Mads D. Kristiansen was more than exciting!

The debut EP “Worlds” was released this Monday and every day this week, Slow Celebration has been giving away another track. Slow Celebration does not disappoint, but blends the two’s talents perfectly. You can almost tell, that the chemistry between the two Danes is magical and the result is an EP filled with slow yet bouncy club music that makes you want to have fun.

I decided to have a little chat to Esben Andersson to find out more about the project.

Esben, how come Mads and you started working together as Slow Celebration?

Total coincidence. During the past few years we’d see each other at festivals and parties around Europe and DK. I wouldn’t say we were close friends but it was clear there was a good chemistry between us. We’d started out at about the same time and sort of grew in the same tempo. We had an idea what was happening in each others lives without even asking one another. Then back in October we randomly met in Drone, a Copenhagen club. And we had the most fun night of the year. The next day Mads called me up and asked if we should get breakfast and I told him to just meet me in my studio where I was off to. He did and we ended up making ‘Kids’. The next day we made a sketch that became ‘Light’. And within a month or so we had 9 tracks, choose 6 of them and decided to do a quick and dirty release ASAP.

Wow, that’s quick! How much of Reptile Youth or Rangleklods goes into Slow Celebration? Do you have a clear vision of “who is doing what”?

Not at all. Since it started as a kind of fluke we never got to ‘the talk’. You know, what genres do we want to incorporate, what aesthetics we are pursuing, etc. We just made an EP. Followed the spontaneous decisions and went with weird ideas.

What about the name, what does Slow Celebration mean to you?

Mads came up with that as a temporary title for the track ‘Slow Celebration’. I don’t know where he pulled it from cause we hadn’t had a conversation that led up to it. I liked it so much that I said: ‘no matter what this song will end up being about we’ll call it that’. When we started thinking about a band name it was the only right choice really. Like the songs themselves it had come to us organically. Musically it fits the bill too. We do club music. But not in a forced EDM, Minimal Techno, or whatever sort of way. I like to imagine that our tracks makes people want to dance. Not because they fell like they have to but because they want to. And that’s a slow celebration to me.

Is this the end of Rangleklods or Reptile Youth, or what happens with your respective music projects now?

We continue with Rangleklods and Reptile Youth at full blast. Mads had just finished the 2nd Reptile album which is out in few months. I was at the time not coming up with good enough stuff for Rangleklods. It was the perfect timeout for both of us. After we finished the EP I’ve been getting back into Rangleklods with a completely different mindset. It was exactly what I needed. And the plan is to continue to use Slow Celebration as a place to find inspiration and have a good time between Rangleklods and Reptile Youth in the future.

Last but not least, can we expect to see Slow Celebration at some festivals this summer?

A few, yes. We are both busy dudes so we won’t play that often. We’ll say yes to the gigs that matter. And we already have some of those planned out and more to come. Our debut concert is the 31st of January in Vienna for a Spot on Denmark night.

Slow Celebration – Fun from Rasmus Weng Karlsen on Vimeo.

The brilliant video for “Fun” is directed by Rasmus Weng Karlsen.

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