Gap Dream – Shine Your Love


Straight out of the majestic Burger Records catalogue, Cleveland’s Gap Dream are the perfect merge of 80s instrumentation with 60s songwriting: absolutely brilliant at bringing out old fashioned pop songs with the help of a peculiar futuristic approach.

Gabe Fulvimar, deus ex machina of this project, is clearly under the influence of several psych-rock and garage bands from the 60s and 70s, but is the pop attitude that let his compositions be singular. All the lysergic brainstorming is condensed in a vintage and cheerful atmosphere with strong references to some legendary pop groups (The Byrds, The Kinks, Barrett).

Some atmospheres are typical of certain East Coast sound, far from the Californian fuzzy and muddy scenario. In particular, Shine your Love is a good example of what to do with a synth if your aim is to write 60s pop songs. As the chorus sings “there is no past and there is no future”: this is the retro-futuristic key sentence of this tune.

This track will be available starting from September 17 in a 7″ with Light On A G String through Fat Possum. Waiting to hold a nice vinyl copy, you can listen to this bunch of majestic ascending piano-trumpets on Soundcloud. The up and down chords progression will show the path for a boundless land of old pop memories.

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