Band to watch: Hibou


After releasing double A-side single “Glow/Hollow” earlier this year, Hibou returns with Dunes, a 5-song EP steeped in sun-drenched, propelling indiepop.

Seattle’s Hibou is the work of former Craft Spells drummer, 19-year-old (!) Peter Michel, who aptly describes his own music as “ethereal surfy poppy love”. Like Washed Out or Beach Fossils, Hibou is great for long, dreamy summer days. But, as stand-out tracks “Motion” and “Sunder” show, Michel also manages to add immediacy and a higher pulse rate to his songs. They make me want to go on a destination-less road trip or hike through a remote mountain valley… or, at the very least, they make me daydream about doing these things while lazing around at home.

Download Dunes for free here and follow Hibou on Facebook and Twitter.

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