The Drums at Berns

The Drums

Hello, The Drums, good to see you again! Last time we met was at Way Out West in 2010 so we thought it was about time for a new session. The band are on tour promoting their current album Portamento featuring favorites such as Money and Days.

The Drums at Berns in Stockholm on March 9, 2012

1. What You Were 2. Best Friend 3. Me and the Moon 4. If He Likes It Let Him Do It 5. Book of Stories 6. How It Ended 7. Money 8. I Need Fun in My Life 9. I Need a Doctor 10. Forever and Ever Amen 11. Book of Revelation 12. Days 13. Down by the Water 14. Searching for Heaven 15. The Future 16. Let’s Go Surfing

Watch the full video stream at Bambuser. The concert starts at 1:36:00.

Photo: Fredrik Karlsson

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