Laleh at Cirkus


Laleh Pourkarim came to Sweden from Iran at the age of one. Growing up in Hammarkullen, Gothenburg she started to practise classical music, ballet and circus music. When her first single “Invisible” came out on Warner Music in 2005 she had an almost immediate breakthrough among the initiated crowd. Three albums later, some acting and huge exposure on public television has made her one of Sweden’s most beloved artists. Current album “Sjung” is out now.

Laleh at Cirkus in Stockholm on March 4 2012

1. Sjung 2. Vårens första dag 3. Elephant 4. Here I Go Again 5. Interlude 6. Samuel 7. Live Tomorrow 8. In The Comet 9. Snö 10. Du följer med mig 11. Big City / Farda 12. Han tuggar kex 13. Invisible 14. Simon Says 15. Some Die Young 16. Ängeln i rummet 17. Hide Away / Who Started It 18. Björö klubb 19. Lär mig om

Watch the full video stream at Bambuser. The concert starts at 30:45 min.

Photo: Fredrik Karlsson

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