Little Dragon at Göta Källare

Little Dragon

Yet another lovely Saturday night on the Stockholm club scene – a sold out Little Dragon show. We did our very first live stream from the venue, despite some initial bandwidth issues we managed to get the party out to a few hundred listeners around the world. The sound is amazing and the voice of Swedish-Japanese singer Yukimi Nagano meets the band’s beats and orchestration perfectly.

Little Dragon at Göta Källare in Stockholm on February 11 2012

1. Looking Glass 2. Ritual Union 3. Brush The Heat 4. After The Rain 5. Shuffle A Dream 6. Please Turn 7. Crystalfilm 8. Summertearz 9. My Step 10. Feather 11. Precious 12. Little Man 13. Runabout 14. Twice

Photo: Emma Alice Söderberg

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