Amanda Mair at Manifestgalan, Nalen

Amanda Mair

No doubt she’s tired of all the talk about her age (17), but still, it’s hard not to mention. Most artists aren’t even near the amount of press she’s got for her debut album, out on Labrador today actually. Sweden’s largest newspaper Aftonbladet called it “one of the best Swedish debut albums ever”. We captured her performance at Manifestgalan – Sweden’s Independent Music Awards – two weeks ago. How about performing a low-key set on a grand piano having four hundred tipsy music industry people around you talking nonsense. Amanda did it well, an artist to watch.

Amanda Mair at Nalen in Stockholm on February 3 2012

1. Doubt 2. Leaving Early 3. House 4. Skinnarviksberget 5. You’ve Been Here Before 6. Sense

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