Anna Ternheim at Rival

Anna Ternheim

This night marked two years of concert live streaming for us, at the same time being our first ever video live stream. It was the first of three sold out shows at Rival in Stockholm and Anna was joined on stage by her new recording partner Dave Ferguson (long time Johnny Cash sound engineer) and a stuffed dogEnjoy an artist who “ended up in Nashville by accident” to record her current album The Night Visitor.

Anna Ternheim at Rival in Stockholm on January 30 2012

1. Solitary Move 2. What Remains 3. Wedding Song 4. Shoreline 5. I’ll Follow You Tonight 6. Lorelie Marie 7. The Longer The Waiting 8. Walking Aimlessly 9. All Shadows 10. Ghost of a Man 11. God Don’t Know 12. Baby Is Gone 13. Terrified 14. Beyond The Great Divide 15. Let It Rain 16. Bow Your Head 17. Better Be (encore) 18. Black Light Shines (encore)

Photo: Fredrik Karlsson


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