Real Estate at Debaser Slussen

Real Estate

This New Jersey foursome formed in 2008, releasing early stuff on Underwater Peoples and Woodsist. Domino Records released their second full length “Days” this Fall and received good reviews from major online magazines such as Pitchfork, Popmatters and Stereogum (which selected it “Album of the Week” a couple of months ago). Buy the album at iTunes.

The audio recording has expired due to the label agreement.

1.Fake Blues 2. Younger Than Yesterday 3. Easy 4. Municipality 5. Out of Tune 6. Wonder Years 7. Green Aisles 8. Suburban Dogs 9. Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow (Felt cover) 10. Beach Comber 11. It´s Real 12. All The Same 13. Suburban Beverage

Photo: Philip Smith

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