Wakey! Wakey! at Debaser Slussen

Wakey! Wakey!

We are more than happy to have perpetuated the band’s first ever concert in Sweden. The Monday audience seemed thrilled over the talkative and facetious Mr Grubbs on stage. He really is an entertaining guy, spendning more than two minutes prior to the first song talking about Beyonce. “How come you guys aren’t wearing helloween costumes…?”. “You’re all dressed up as f**king beautiful people, I love Sweden”. He repeatedly refers to the fact that the gig is being live streamed which seemed proper since there were more than six times as many people listening online than at the venue. Social media posts reached more than 80000 people. Thank you Facebook and Twitter!

Wakey! Wakey! at Debaser in Stockholm on October 31 2011

Photo: Fredrik Karlsson

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