The Soft Eyes at Tellus Bio

The Soft Eyes

According to the story of The Soft Eyes it all started in the end of the nineties at a Superchunk gig where Johan Sigerud met Daniel Värjö (The Concretes) on front row. The trio’s third member is Linda Hörnqvist on drums. After recording several EPs/CDRs the band released their debut in 2005 and another fine album is out this Summer on Instant Feeling Recordings/Playground. This gig from “Släpp Fångarna Loss” is recorded using only ambience mics, no soundboard feed due to venue logistics. However, the sound is pretty nice!

The Soft Eyes at Tellus Bio in Stockholm on October 1 2011

1. Central Station 2. Never Feel Sorry For You 3. Young Adult 4. Drag King 5. Hibernation Mode 6. Never The Last Time

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