Ane Brun at Cirkus

Ane Brun

A sold out show at Cirkus in Stockholm is a good sign of popularity. Not that we doubted the potential of Ane before, but her current album and the ongoing tour is a gigantic success for one of today’s most talked about Scandinavian artists. We’re very proud to be able to promote her to a wider audience and this live stream reached people in more than 40 countries.

Ane Brun at Cirkus in Stockholm on October 4 2011

1. These Days 2. One 3. Worship 4. Words 5. To Let Myself Go 6. Puzzle 7. This Voice 8. Don’t Leave 9. Oh Love 10. Dirty Windshield 11. Life Line 12. Humming 13. What’s Happening 14. Do You Remember 15. Big In Japan 16. Changing/Treehouse 17. Du gråter så store 18. Balloon Ranger 19. The Light From One 20. The Fall 21. Undertow

Photo: Fredrik Karlsson

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